Intuition-led Brand and Website Design for Creatives and Artists

Blending visual harmony with genuine expression to cultivate deeper connections.

You are on a journey as a visual creative.

A journey filled with a passion for aesthetics, a yearning for authentic expression, and dreams of a balanced, fulfilling life.

You're creating a space where you can explore your passions and express your unique self.

Think of me as your creative ally, here to help navigate the branding waters with you.

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Brand + Website Design

1:1 Service

For creatives and artists who've DIYed their brand but have outgrown it. Who are also seeking a more aesthetically-aligned website to sustain their growth with the right audience.

Timeline: 3-5 months
Investment: Starts at $5k

What we’ll be covering

This experience starts with a deep dive into the knowledge your already hold about your brand.The brand design is a very collaborative process that will allows us to create the foundation of your aesthetic.Your website will be fully custom, created to embrace your energy and connect with who you want to welcome in your life.


•1:1 support

•3+ hours of meetings

•Custom branding

•Custom website

•Brand Exploration Workbook

•Copy guide

•Tutorials to help you update your website

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Fine-Tunning Session

1:1 Service

For creatives and artists who are DIYing their brand and feel the need to brainstorm ideas, seek advice, need help finding the right fonts or nail their color palette, or simply want another set of eyes looking into what they’re creating.

Timeline: 1 Day
Investment: $450

What we’ll be covering

In this session we will go over anything about your brand you’ll like assistance with.

We can talk at the beginning stages and collaborate on a creative direction together;

We can review and work on the designs you have already created.

Or we can take a look at your completed brand and see how it could be more aligned with you.


•90min Session

•Access to session recording

•Recap of the session with notes and resources to dive further.

Let’s Talk

Nurturing words from Alexa

“The experience was honestly, more than I could ever dream of. The end result was incredible but so was the experience of getting there.”

“My experience with Ana was beyond what I could ever imagine or dream of. It was extremely collaborative and she communicated everything so thoroughly.

The end result was incredible but so was the experience of getting there.

I really gave Ana a huge task: to take a website that I wasn’t proud of, didn’t really reflect me, embody my aesthetic or energy, and I asked her to give it a full makeover and she completely exceeded my expectations!

My website is truly my dream website. More than what I could ever imagine for it. I feel that is just the perfect embodiment of me as a person, as a creator, as a home cook, and ultimately my brand.”

Behind the Studio

Ana Luísa: Your Creative Companion

I'm Ana Luísa, the soul behind How Kind Studio. Like you, my journey has been one of self-discovery and embracing my true essence.

From the transformative experience of motherhood to a life shared with my partner, daughter, and our five cats, my path has been bumpy, filled with doubts, a lot of adventures and beauty all around.

This studio blossomed from a desire to harmonize my work with my deepest values, with the aim to elevate brands and individuals who share my vision of a compassionate, creative, and open-hearted world.

It's my personal rebellion against the conventional, a space where I can truly be myself and support you in your own unique journey.




/ Visual Strategy
/ Brand Design
/ Website Design

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Vegan Food Blogger


/ Visual Strategy
/ Brand Design
/ Website Design

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Spiritual Coach

/ Rebrand

/ Visual Strategy
/ Brand Design
/ Website Design

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Floral Studio

/ Semi-Rebrand

/ Visual Strategy
/Typography Selection
/ Website Design

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