Brand and web design for kind hearts seeking expression and harmonious connections.

A space for creatives, healers, artists and activists.

Cultivating truth and kindness

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1 week intensive brand development for young businesses to move away with a solid foundation and quick implementation.

Timeline: 1 week
Investment: $850

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For blooming businesses looking to create a long-lasting brand that feels aligned and deeply connected with it’s people.

Timeline: 3+ months
Investment: Starts at $3000

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Creating a soulful space that is available 24/7,  ready to communicate effectively and passionately to an aligned audience.

Timeline: 4+ months
Investment: Starts at $4000


Cecilia Proskauer
Brand and Website Design
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Wellness Center
Brand Design
Personal Project
Alexa Fueled Naturally
Vegan Food Blogger
Brand and Website Design
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Spiritual Coach and Therapist
Brand and Website Design
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Hyssop Floral
Floral Studio
Typography and Website Design
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Brand Design
Personal Project

Giving an expression to your craft can be a process of healing and release as well as a strong source of connection with your community.

We seek to find kind and soulful ways to bring your brand to life so you can welcome your people in alignment.

ana luísa,  founder and designer

Living in alignment and consciousness.

How Kind Studio was born out of the need to work in alignment with our values, to uplift the brands and the people that are striving to create the same kind of compassionate, creative, and open-hearted world.

We yearn to bring balance to our lives and support other kind-hearted people to do the same for themselves and their communities.

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Ana was the first graphic designer I had worked with that had a strategy for my brand, asked some amazing questions, and really made me feel heard.

"My old branding wasn’t representing who I was as a photographer anymore. I had an idea who my audience was, but I wasn't expressing my message correctly and I was struggling to keep up with new pricing.

I loved how thoughtful and thorough Ana was during this entire process, her attention to detail, and the fact that she had such a good strategic plan. All her hard work really showed and it's what made my branding shine. It's more than I could have expected, it is lux, timeless, original, and totally me.

I am booking my dream clients, my social media presence is growing and overall I just feel more confident in my brand and I can see my clients see it too."

Sharing your story with an open heart and nurturing the courage to be yourself can be a very challenging process and a beautiful one as well.

We aspire to support you and guide you through the journey of bringing your truth to your brand, with the intention of making an honest and open connection with your community.

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