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Mindblown about the meaning behind my business goals

Hello! I want to share my experience with a program I'm currently enrolled in. It's called "Accelerate" with Pea the feary. This post isn't sponsored. I simply want to share my honest experience with this program. I thought it made more sense to reference it directly rather than talk about some mysterious, unnamed program. We just started, and it has already shifted my perspective on my business significantly.

Why I Joined this program about business acceleration

I began following Pea and consuming her content because I loved her idea of spirituality. This is an are of my life I've always set aside but I'm more connected to it now, and her energy resonates with me. She presents the universe as a holographic experience, which I find fascinating, though difficult to explain. Pea does a great job of articulating it.

From having a holistic therapist mother who believes in various spiritual concepts, I've always believe in this idea that we co-create the universe. It’s not just about cause and effect but also about what I desire and how my thoughts and feelings shape my reality. Pea's perspective took this further, suggesting that my life’s outcomes are shaped by who I am and the energy I embody, not just my thoughts.

Spring was a time for me to slow down and reflect on my next steps. Now, in the summer, I feel a surge of energy and a desire for action, even if it's messy. This program, "Accelerate," aims to accelerate results, which aligns with my current focus. I've let go of some projects that provided financial safety, stepping into uncharted waters. Surprisingly, I'm not anxious, thanks to my connection with spirituality and the belief that the universe will provide based on how I live my life.

Now, let's talk about what I wanted to talk about

One impactful exercise in the program involved setting goals. The idea behind this exercise is that our business goals are rooted in an internal need we're trying to meet. So, we're trying to create something in the external world so we can 'fix' something inside of ourselves (I hope I'm explaining this well).

Pea asked us to identify our goals for the program and examine any reluctance we might have in setting them so we can find the meaning behind setting these goals.

Now, this is when things can get messy 'cause I'm going to share with you the maze of thoughts I found myself in: I didn't know what goal to pick and I started to question why this was difficult for me. I wanted to pick the perfect goal that would encapsulate everything I needed and wanted. Then I asked, why is this important, to have all my goals met at once? - Because I want to get where I want to be fast and I can't waste my time by picking the 'wrong' goal.

I've been growing my business very slowly and this has been a very intentional pace but now I feel that I want to rush things along and get to where I want to be, FAST.

So I questioned what is this "where I want to be"? My answer surprised me by realizing that I wanted to be at a place where I made A LOT of money and it all came from my business. The business part was important because it meant I had control over this money coming into my life and I could replicate this (well, can I? but anyways...). So, that part made sense. But, why all the money? I want to lead a simple life. I don't want to be renting yats and buying gold chains. Why was I so focused on the money?

Then I realized, and this is where the good stuff comes in, that I want money so I can finally calm down my mind. I could finally see that my concept of being at peace meant not having to constantly question my decisions. I have this burning fear of being irresponsible and I'm constantly checking everything I think and do to see if it's irresponsible or not.

So, in my mind, if I had a lot of money to spend, I could do no wrong. I could be irresponsible all I wanted because there was more money to spare.

The Root Cause

The exercise revealed to me that my need for financial abundance was tied to a lack of trust in myself. I have an inner critic constantly analyzing my decisions for responsibility, which is exhausting so I hoped that financial abundance would allow me to relax and make decisions without constant self-judgment. However, I recognized that more money might increase the pressure to be responsible.

The real issue was my lack of trust in myself and the need to address this to find peace.

Understanding this lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Even though working on trusting myself could be a lot more difficult than achieving my current goals, I felt a huge relief. This need to calm down my mind so I can live at peace has been with me since forever and I finally understand what is keeping me from experiencing that peace. Now I can see that achieving my business goals wouldn't bring the peace I sought; I needed to work on trusting myself and being okay with making mistakes.

Moving Forward

This insight removed the pressure to achieve rapid business success. I no longer feel the urgency to rush or the scarcity around time. I’m now focused on working on myself and trusting that business results will follow naturally.

This program has made me happier by shifting my focus from external achievements to internal growth. I wanted to share this experience in hopes that it might resonate with others facing similar struggles. It's important to look within and address the root causes of our desires and fears.

Thank you for reading. If this resonates with you or if you'd like to discuss these ideas, please reach out. I'd love to talk more about this journey.

Thank you for listening.

If you're curious about the program I'm talking about, you can find out more on Pea's instagram (@peathefeary) and website.

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